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  • Call Ozaki Moving Corp. to reserve your moving date.
  • Decide whether you want to pack your house or not.
  • Start to organize your closets, garage, and rooms, in order to get ready on the moving day.
  • Get the packing supply, in case you do it yourself, to start packing in your spare time, it never too soon to do it.
  • Try to put all the packing boxes in a designated area like the garage or an empty room.
  • Separate the clothes that you will need before and during the moving.
  • Take off the garbage. Call all key service provider to notify of your move.
  • Keep packing the non-essential stuff. Ask for help, if it’s difficult for you, to your friend.
  • Figure out what to do with items that cannot be moved, like flammable liquids, gas, guns, etc.
  • Make laundry and pick it up.
  • Finish packing all.
  • Ask someone if can look after your kid(s) on the moving day.
  • On the moving day, designate one person that can give directions to the mover.
  • Double check all rooms before you leave.
  • Be present at the moment of loading and unloading.
  • Lock up everything, turn off lights and thermostat, and finally say goodbye to your old house and neighbors.